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Four tricks to teach you to extend the service life of vending machines

by:Haloo      2022-05-14
Vending machines, I believe most people know how to operate and operate, good after-sales maintenance can prolong the service life of the machine, increase the operating time, and the profit margin is relatively larger. The main parts of the vending machine that need to be maintained are: the surface of the machine body, the pick-up port, the paper coin recognizer, the delivery chute, the condenser, and the evaporating dish. 1. The exterior of the unmanned vending machine is good and tidy. The external environment of the vending machine can attract more passenger traffic to a certain extent. When the outside of the machine is covered with dust, we only need to wipe it with a dry cloth. If it does not fall off, you need to scrub the outside of the vending machine with warm water or a neutral detergent diluted with water. In addition, do not use chemicals such as paint solvent and banana water, otherwise accidents are likely to occur. 2. The outside of the condenser and evaporator of the vending machine needs to be cleaned regularly, and the parts inside the machine also need to be properly cleaned. For example, condensers and evaporators, when cleaning the condenser, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to gently move the garbage or dirt attached to the heat sink in the up and down direction. When cleaning the dirt inside the evaporator, take it out and wash it with water. 3. The coins, banknote recognizers and banknotes of the vending machine have a high probability of being contaminated with dust. When the dusty coins pass through the coin passage of the vending machine, the passage will also be dirty over time. If there is residual dust or stains When it is very serious, it will lead to the abnormal performance of the coin selection, change, and refund of the vending machine. As with the other stations above, scrub at least once a month, using a damp cloth with water. Fourth, the shipping chute of the product The shipping chute of the product is kept clean to make the product more unobstructed when it goes out. Therefore, the cleaning time should be at least once a month to remove the stains or dust on it, so that consumers can buy it again. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in unmanned vending machines, automatic vending machines, and professional vending machine manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system. Let customers buy personalized products at standard money prices.
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