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Four reasons why fresh vending machines are popular in the community

by:Haloo      2021-03-05
The analysis of the business model of fresh food vending machines shows that fresh products are daily necessities for the common people. With the continuous development of e-commerce, my country's fresh food e-commerce market will continue to show a rapid growth trend in the next few years. Offline is still the main force, but online growth is rapid: China’s fresh food consumer market will still be dominated by offline, occupying 75%-85% of the market share. The fresh food category started late online, but the growth momentum is rapid . Upper middle class and wealthy consumers, new generation consumers, and experienced online shoppers are the three major consumption forces that promote the growth of fresh food online business. According to the different consumption dynamics of the market and the possible development of the supply side, it is estimated that online fresh food consumption will account for 15%-25% of the total urban fresh food consumption by 2020. Since the fresh food industry is still the main consumer offline, the fresh food industry has not been able to reach the last 100 meters in recent years. This is undoubtedly a pain point for operators. As one of the new retail representatives of unmanned smart vending machines, Hina will provide hardware and software. To solve the problem, the new business model combining fresh food entities with drones, urban logistics and crowdsourcing logistics, locates the physical store in the community closest to the user, making it a new retail representative of the fresh food industry, a fresh vending machine The community is popular for three reasons: 1. The shopping distance is shortened. A fresh vending machine is placed in the corridor on the first floor of the community or in the public garden of the community, so that it only takes 3 minutes to buy vegetables. Under normal circumstances, the whole process of going to the supermarket to buy vegetables and queuing for settlement takes about an hour, and during this hour, when you use the vending machine to buy vegetables, the rice is already ready. 2. It is more convenient for the elderly to shop. Many families are composed of young people running around, leaving the old people at home to take their children to cook. Old people are much less physically stamina than young people. They are also very distracted while cooking while taking their children. Then with the vending machine, you can use the shortest distance to buy vegetables and cook quickly, and at the same time, you can bring your children better. . 3. Vegetables are fresher. Since the fresh vending machine has a fresh-keeping function, the vegetables on the shelf are much fresher in the vending machine than in the supermarket, which is more conducive to healthy living. 4. In terms of investment, it is more stable to do community market projects, using fresh vending machines to put them in the community, with low cost, quick return on costs, and trending.
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