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For the vending machine display how to clean

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Desktop vending machine display inside and outside clean prompt internal cleaning: internal dust removal equipment. Disconnect power supply of monitor in the first place. Use a phillips screwdriver to loosen monitor four Angle of screw, and then remove the monitor back cover. The first to use the paint brush clean screen. Dust removal of important place is tube, high pressure components and kinescope tail circuit board. In addition, kinescope glass equipment, has been carefully damage. Display of observing plate insert tube of stern tube. Some observation plate pin has received the tube end of the tube. Forced down it might damage the tube. External cleaning: screen anti glare and antistatic coating on the surface of the chemical coating is very thin. Clean the dust on the display screen, remember to close monitor the power and unplug the power cord and monitor signal lines. Please use soft dry cloth from among the screen carefully wipe. From the inner ring of the screen wipe gently. If the screen surface is dirty, please use a small amount of wetting water absorbent cotton or lens paper. Do not use alcohol and other chemical solutions.
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