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Food drink vending machines have enormous business opportunities

by:Haloo      2021-01-25
Very rapidly in recent years, the development of the vending machine, has attracted the attention of many people, want to in this industry, the vending machine in before experts predict by the year 2015, vending machine industry will appear blowout phenomenon, has achieved, the prediction and vision of this industry's businesses into the vending machine already occupy a favorable position, called the first called it an industry giant. Media have interviewed some vending machine operators, to understand the current situation in the industry, according to a vending machine operators said the industry's profit is very high, the blank area of the market now is very much, if you can grab a good point, and then put good vending machine, every day is waiting for the money, he now level with dozens, in these points is one of the best point in a factory, a factory only one wall is put more than 20 drinks vending machine, these vending machines daily average turnover in 1000 yuan. The operators to reporters calculated brushstroke zhang: in addition to operating expenses, drinks the net profit will be about 20%, each vending machine 200 yuan a day, a month is 6000 yuan, 120000 a month, 20 machine 20 machine total less than 600000, 5 months or so can almost can recover the cost, and with the development of industry, good point itself in value-added, as long as the right number of visitors, it can definitely make money. Journalists also visited some vending machine manufacturers, according to some of the vending machine manufacturers, order has been increased in the recent years, a lot of individuals, companies are now want to put into this industry, is mainly due to the vending machine requires cost is not high also, can start trying to run tens of thousands of dollars, and cash flow is smooth, back to the speed faster, do the small operators everywhere.
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