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Food and beverage and the vending machine cooperation will have a market

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Vending machines can are close to have corresponding requirements of consumer groups, which is the entity catering shops trouble problem. Now rising in the vending machine of consumer groups, groups are expanding the coverage. After 80, 90, has become a vending machine acceptance of the highest group, the vending machine is also often appear in this part of the crowded places, like office buildings, shopping malls and so on, so the restaurant industry can cooperate and vending machines, coverage will be more close to the consumer? The characteristics of the vending machine is able to take the market and traditional forms, also can help increase sales outlets, win-win cooperation, just like every day orchards and Shanghai city supermarket cooperation, formed a fresh type of vending machines. The catering industry is able to use this pattern? Vending machine in combination with traditional catering industry in the field to get more rent and Labour cost advantage, using a unmanned vending machine can have and small new restaurant supply function, and greatly reduce the human resources, at the same time, cover an area of an area small, even in the stream of stationing also won't spend too much cost, in terms of cost a lot less, if can and entity catering brand cooperation, can drop in this part of the costs. Traditional food and beverage service costs rise, led to the market demand for the vending this emerging food and beverage service.
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