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Factors Affecting Vending Machine Prices

by:Haloo      2022-04-24
The hardware of the vending machine depends on the price. Under normal circumstances, the specifications of a standard vending machine, from the number and types of goods available in the vending machine, there are 6 layers of commodities, each layer of commodities has 10 layers of commodities, and 60 different types of commodities can be sold. drink. According to the configured products, each route can generally place about 4 to 6 bottles of beverages. If this standard beverage dispenser can meet your needs, the price is relatively good. 2. From the perspective of whether the vending machine is cooled, the general beverage vending machine needs refrigeration function, and some special cases do not need refrigeration. Whether refrigeration is required affects the cost of the machine, and the cost of refrigeration vending machines, boxes, refrigeration systems, compressors, condensers, etc. Whether the vending machine has a cooling function or not depends on the size of the vending machine, which varies from 1 to 2,000 yuan. 3. There are two purchase methods for vending machines with screen or code scanning version, one is to purchase through touch screen and advertising screen, and the other is to purchase directly through code scanning. These two different purchase methods have a great impact on the price of the vending machine. Different purchase methods and hardware differences also have a great impact on the price of the vending machine. Fourth, the price of the vending machine is affected by the need for software customization. Generally speaking, the standard vending machine can meet most needs. However, if the software has special functional requirements and needs to be customized, the price will be different, and the customization fee of the software is not cheap. For example, the vending machine you understand sells drinks, snacks, and instant noodles. In the eyes of others, the vending machine sells eggs and vegetables. It has different things, different functions, and different prices. To buy a vending machine, we need to sell the type, quantity, refrigeration function, touch advertising screen, large advertising screen, scanning code purchase, supporting tissue, 4g communication network, spring type, crawler type, and other delivery methods from the vending machine. Whether to open a receipt, package shipping, warranty policy, etc. Only by listing these things, and then asking the price, and then comparing, will it be reliable. Haloo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in unmanned vending machines, automatic vending machines, and professional vending machine manufacturers have a complete after-sales service system. Let customers buy personalized products at standard money prices. Welcome to inquire!
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