Explain the advantages of small vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-03-08
So what are some thoughts on the operation of the hotel's small vending machine? The thoughts on the operation of small hotel vending machines are relatively simple, which lies in the coverage of hotels and guesthouses from time to time. The number of hotels and guesthouses in each city is limited. The hotel's small vending machines are also exclusive. If one brand enters, another brand cannot enter at the same time.   So whoever seizes hotel resources first, who can first come first, what are the advantages of the hotel's small vending machines? Blockade, the flow of people is large. Compared with other vending machines, the hotel room is completely blockade. However, the flow of people entering each hotel is very large. There is a complete order rate.   Exclusive business In a hotel room, if there is a product supply, it is generally an exclusive business, and no one is competing. The rigid demand of the hotel is very suitable for the hotel. Everyone knows the reason. When men and women enter the hotel, they usually bring a condom and other erotic items. If the hotel can provide it directly, that would be great.   What products are suitable for small hotel vending machines? Emotional products, hotel products; Emotional products are products that consume a lot of money in hotels, such as Valentine's Day and other festivals, which are in high demand. Love products can sell some peaceful condoms, love toys and other products, hotel disposable products, hotel disposable products, disposable slippers, disposable toothpaste, etc.
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