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Excelsior hotel mini vending machine you want to know

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Empty shelves menacing to also rushed, recent GuoXiaoMei, scarlet lunch no shelf company about firing people, and even in the face of close and complicated words, no one shelf experience the lasting period of trial and error, finally further confirm operation policy, to eliminate the entire profession. What about no one shelf what is its operation policy? No one from the major viewpoints, shelves, supermarkets and active vending machine belonging to the new retail, new retail center is: to customers as the center, member of the inventory, pay, through services such as data. A brief understanding is selling power and Precision in order to improve the services as the intention, enhancing the customer consumption experience. On graces hotel mini vending machine with new retail, hotel rooms, for the first scene, residents Precision are perceived to policy groups, according to demand of consumer may occur at the hotel and provide products, completed the need is obtained. A scene in the form of active vending machine, mei's handling the problem card goods, and according to hotel mini vending machine cabinet structure of grid, an unmanned shelves heavily to improve space utilization. But is more of the damage of the risk of open structure, containing the accidental damage and lost, theft, and so on, more to the detection is the consciousness of people and nature of this sensitive topic. Basic is placed inside, so there is no shelf is given priority to with office buildings, office, the first will be located in white-collar consumer groups. This shape and mini vending machine Lord make hotel guests demand market, but the early stage of the unmanned shelves just put the policy in this part of the people did not understand what is their needs, that is no shelf now, the key of the rectification: Precision operations.
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