Entrepreneurship weapon: Tesco hotel self-service vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-04-22
Hotel vending machines can also be called hotel mini vending machines, vending machines, unmanned vending machines, hotel room vending machines, hotel vending machines and so on. Tesco Smart broke the tradition of vending machine equipment in hotels. It adopts a platform-based operation mode: invest a lot of costs in the initial stage, improve the system, and uniformly manage equipment. More than 50% of hotel consumers choose to 'buy products on unattended machines.' The survey results of Hangzhou, Dongguan and Shanghai in 2016, as well as the trend of new retailers in recent years, the popularity of mobile payment, the sales volume of popular daily necessities, people’s emphasis on privacy, etc. The unmanned retail industry across the country is booming, WeChat and Mobile payments such as Alipay have also promoted the development of this industry. The service mode of the unmanned vending machine not only solves the privacy problem of the hotel, but also the user scans the code to consume, and there is no explicit residue of information. First, Tesco Intelligence investigated the advantages and disadvantages of various vending machines on the market, conducted actual tests by investigating the market to evaluate market acceptance and value, and after completing sufficient preparations, immediately established a technical team and put it into use quickly. In product design and development, from appearance design to structural design, and then mold opening injection, each step is completed personally, so that every small partner of the founding team has to go through these key processes. After visiting more than a dozen traditional vending machine factories and companies, they learned that most companies are outsourcing technology without paying attention to the machine management operations behind the scenes. Therefore, many hotels on the market do not have vending machines, nor can they provide after-sales equipment maintenance and back-end management function updates. In the case of using Tesco's intelligent management system, you can monitor the product information sold by big data, and quickly remind the hotel to replenish products. You can also adjust the product in the vending machine. According to the sales volume and change amount, flexible increase or decrease. Avoid slow sales.
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