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Encourage students to read, automatic book vending machines are stationed in American elementary schools

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Recently, young students at Yabrook Elementary School in Auburn, Alabama have a new way of reading. The school installed an automatic book vending machine during the summer, and students will have the opportunity to select and save a favorite book from this machine during the school year. It is reported that this machine can hold 200 books at a time. Auburn School Public Relations Specialist Daniel Chess said that the reading level of these books ranged from third to fifth grade. To retrieve a book from the vending machine, students need to insert a token. These books will be distributed as part of the school's reward-based character education program, which is where they receive token rewards. Chessell said that parent-teacher organizations will continue to fund the program to keep this machine with enough new books. The principal of Yabru Elementary School, Pete Foster, stated that the school’s goal is to allow every student to use the vending machine at least twice a year. 'Students in the classroom or from our positivity project character card have been selected as a symbol of this month's role model.' The system will keep the running record of the student who selected a book from the vending machine to ensure that each student Have the opportunity to read books. Public relations expert Daniel Chess said that students have the opportunity to be rewarded with a book because of their good performance in class and high attendance rate. The goal of this automatic book vending machine is to cultivate among students. A stronger reading culture. Foster said: 'For me, I hope that children will be attracted by the design of this vending machine first, so that they will become interested in the books inside and share them with other students. As long as the books fall We can make a difference in the hands of students.' It is worth mentioning that this automatic book vending machine is very popular among Yabru teachers and students. Some educators also expressed their support for this project, and I believe that more schools will join this project in the future. The above information is shared by vending machine manufacturers. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Soup vending machine debuts on Keikyu main line Best hot pot selection in winter
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