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Electronic cigarette vending machine APP project development to do? Make sure the 6 mark

by:Haloo      2020-11-15
Since 2017, when the container was smart to sell, sell container becomes one of the important objects of most small and medium-sized enterprise investment. At that time, each place can see the figure of vending machine. In addition to our common snacks, drinks vending closed, sale of container and investment companies. The vending machine APP schema development do? Electronic cigarette vending machine APP project development to do? Find out six relations can be 1. 0 is a vending machine APP platform platform developed by the first subject, also is the total number of control of the vending machine APP platform according to the background. Looked from the present scheme of the vending machine APP development, platform main body role on development management, administrator management, agent management, partner management, basic setup, equipment management, user management, statistics management, financial management, management of coupons, joining management, BBS management, site management, replenishment engineer 16 big functions such as management, advertising management. Electronic cigarette vending machine APP project development to do? Find out six relations. 2. 0 proxy agent is a platform to the next level, but the total platform for service management. Proxy institutions at a lower level can be obtained when selling commodities of share interests. On the feature set includes: the agent management, equipment management, user management, statistics and so on five big function. 3. 0 partner of the partnership type, lower management member of the agent may also be the level of agency. It with the investment in the development of enterprises is a partnership all-win relations of cooperation. He can is to provide the venue or the body of goods, funds, can participate in the commodity sale profit sharing. 4. 0 sites, replenishment member site equipment can be associated agents, income every equipment, site available percentile score commission. Replenishment member is responsible for equipment procurement, equipment associated agents, income, every equipment replenishment member can get full score commission. Because these two subject belongs to the PC management the terminal management institution, so its on the feature set can be customized according to the requirement of the enterprise development. 5. 0 users user is vending machine APP the terminal part of the solution development, its function under the use of the platform is program or APP. Investment companies in the vending machine Settings APP schema development user functional modules, must develop and code equipment, online mall, personal center 3 big functions.
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