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Dry sharing - Common troubleshooting methods of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Very easy to find at the airport, bus station, subway stations, shopping malls and other large areas of artificial abortion of vending machines. Along with the rapid development of new industry, more and more investors began to care about the industrial chain. As the vending machine application frequency has increased, the increase of time, device also can appear all sorts of difficulties, the operator usually can't handle in time and solve some problem encountered in the operation. Edit SouTu please click on the input image to describe the following for guys summarize some common equipment common failures and solutions? The first computer motherboard common faults. Invalid status: layer column line fault, it's in aisle machine equipment operation period of arbitrary spin tests will find other goods way or open the door. Can also cooperate with each other play yellow slide just turn two laps. Failure to illustrate with reference to solve: drive the computer motherboard isolator isolating switch short-circuit fault because working voltage, power flow is not stable, error, fault, the water lead to drive motherboard hardware configuration damage caused when the phone is switched on. On the technical strength is higher, power supply circuit of hybrid control board, after clear to drive computer motherboard common failures, usually changing a new drive computer main board to solve difficult. Machinery and equipment of 4 g control module to produce common faults. Edit SouTu common failures, please click on the input image description: alipay wallet all normal control module, but the operators don't show, signal not display information. Failure to illustrate with reference to solve: can the clear alipay wallet, card, cell phone charging line, wireless antenna, background management each set everything under normal conditions of several tests, still no actual operation, signal not display information. This time considering the computer motherboard 4 g control module if there is a problem, can change a computer main board to carry out the inspection, such as computer motherboard chapter 4 g control module so clearly, changing a computer motherboard can solve difficult. Can not establish a QR code. Invalid status: can't display information operators compressive strength and model specifications. Unable to generate qr code. Failure description and reference solution: clear computer motherboards GPRS module control under normal conditions for all aspects because of GPRS is: a, no card, wireless antenna is access and overhanging the outside world; 2. 4 g communication card have traffic; Three, slot, and mobile phone card contact undesirable phenomenon; Human factors set item 4, situation setting is not correct, change to set; Aisle motor produce common faults. Invalid status: motor without reflection, one or several motor in all experiment or normal when the choose and buy no reflection. Failure description and reference solution: motor drive must be 24 VDC, one or several motor thoroughly rapid response, the first to examine the wiring of the motor drive is down. Then have a common fault detection of motor itself is damaged. Determine the motor damage must be moved around. Aisle of goods not broke. Invalid status: it's in aisle play yellow after the rotation, the edge of the goods is pulled down the aisle, not. Failure to illustrate with reference to solve: all motor rotation after a week, normal goods on objects were not immediately available, is playing the part of the yellow deviation resulted in turn after the completion of objects not immediately reported. Will play yellow pull out to adjust the best position, but will play yellow pine away. More than 1 turns yellow storage shelves. Invalid condition: in the experimental or everything is normal, when buying a yellow aisle rotational degrees more than 1 ring. Failure and reference solution: turn the number of turns over one lap, first check the motor drive line, is generally a film this thread isn't fall down. Testing - colored feedback line and computer motherboard feedback link is normal. Only real grasp the basic knowledge of some of the vending machine, can better maintenance machinery and equipment, able to work better. Above is the vending machine general common failures and solutions, a large number of relevant vending machines for the maintenance of common failures can care about you. Edit SouTu please click on the input image description 【 About our 】 Technology is a vending machine business. With more than 200 square meters of vending machines manufacturing research and development base, after-sales service all over the country provinces, more than 600 cities above the county level in the country to establish a customer service center, sales and after-sales service response at any time, 24 hours door-to-door service for free if needed. 【 Products 】 Technology is vending factory direct sales, selling all kinds of unmanned vending machine, such as: drink snack vending machine, supplies department store food buffet self-help vending machine, fresh the vending machine, hotel mini unmanned vending machine, and so on vending machines, welcome to inquire! 【 Service 】 In order to ensure the quality and production efficiency, quality of science and technology machine across the streamline operations to ensure quality and reduce cost. All products import compressor and motor USES a line, ensure the decade: not bad. Aisle products, flexible, can sell all kinds of goods. Machine equipped with drop shipment inspection functions never card goods. Machine body adopts thickening steel plates, three layers of explosion-proof glass and the overall foaming process, realizes the refrigerator lock cold and energy conservation and environmental protection. Advanced background management system make you anytime and anywhere safe management operations. 【 Service commitments 】 We offered is more competitive in the country of the vending machine products, welcome customer comparison a lot! Dare to promise: buy kui double the difference! ! Welcome to inquire!
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