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Drinks vending pause in which aisle is better?

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
Summer has come and drink to season! Found more and more the last drink vending machine. In Japan, only selling drinks vending machines up to more than 2. 5 million units, annual sales of up to 176 billion yuan ( Conversion into RMB) , while Japan's beverage market size is about 400 billion yuan, it is easy to see that just by drinks vending machine sell drinks accounted for about 44%, the proportion is high. In contrast, domestic, beverage market scale of nearly 820 billion, and through drinks vending machine sales even less than 10%, its development potential is very large, drinks vending machine market prospect is also very good. A lot of friends in choosing a drinks vending machine is also a face of confusion, then I will make a brief introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of the current mainstream drink vending machine. 1. Spring aisle drinks vending machine relatively long history of this kind of vending machine in comparison, technology is also very mature. Spring aisle is a spring spiral metal parts, general hardness is higher, the high carbon steel by surface chromium plated or powder spraying process, is the greater the hardness, the better. Bottles of beverage directly in the spring the gap between the pitch. Shipment, back-end motor driven by gear after the gearbox aisle spring, slowly rotating to drink. Spring aisle can sell all kinds of canned beverage bottles, this kind of beverage vending machine is cheaper, but there are a few disadvantages. First of all, the front door is open type of glazing, refrigeration insulation sex difference, the refrigerating machine are very power consumption; Second, a spring aisle to push many bottles of drinks, drinks whole already very heavy, if put beverage bottle slanting or when the late shipment will greatly increase the resistance of shipments, thus appeared card fault of the bottle. 2. Snake aisle of drinks vending machine in this way the drinks vending machine is succeeding, and specifically to sell all kinds of bottles of beverage development. In this way the principle is simple, do not need to motor drive, few moving parts and lower failure rate. In this way the whole looks like a metal box, usually by high precision laser cutting machine cutting of high quality galvanized steel, high machining accuracy. Beverage bottles staggered certain Angle stack layer upon layer from the bottom up, present the s-shaped, the export control comprised under the electromagnetic mechanism, when export open beverage bottles under their own gravity from the drop down below and then export automatically shut down. Snake aisle drinks vending machine aisle are whole insulation, heat preservation sex is very good, very province electricity, superposition of the beverage store way also greatly improves the space utilization of beverage vending machine, the same aisle space filled with drinks than spring drinks vending machine. In general, if the budget is limited, can use spring aisle drinks vending machines, if the money is enough, doing long time operation, select snake aisle drinks vending machine is more suitable, because such late vending machines use a lower cost, maintenance is simple, low operating costs, will soon be able to put the machine difference provinces out!
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