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Drinks vending machine what are the advantages

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Drink active vending pause with advanced serpentine aisle ( Also called s-shaped accumulation aisle) Aisle and inline accumulation type, common 330 - can be sold on the market Bottled drinks, 250-600 ml About 500 ml cans of drinks, 210 - About 330 ml of tetra brick packaging drinks, it covers 99 percent or more drinks on the market, more universal. Take a series of drinks vending machine, for example, selects the snake aisle and inline stacked aisle combination, can sell 360-23 Around 480 drinks, support phone scan code and novel facial recognition payment ( Brush face payments) , in front of the camera shake head can buy drinks, can let customers buy not only in the hot summer cool refreshing beverage has soared, shopping comprehend sex is also very good, is full of entertaining. Drinks vending machine is actively selling drinks a full active drinks vending machine, money for you to buy drinks. Assuming that more can also take the initiative to change. After the money, on the machine panel select the product number you choose, after buying machine initiative will deal with this business. Main board to control the product shipped, after the drink down, you take out the products you buy, select the change, the deal is over.
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