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Drinks the vending machine and which places need to improve?

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
First is the technical problem, drinks vending machine card goods problem has always been a headache problem, so need to deal with the goods issue, the main methods are: to improvement of aisle, using the corresponding goods, according to different goods in testing whether the shipment can use infrared sensing system, once detected no shipment as soon as you return the corresponding amount consumers. And also to update payment terms, the use of mobile payment mode, make the shopping process more simple! And then there is the type of goods, the vending machine sell goods too single is a long-standing problem, there is no way to provide more types of goods to consumers, this leads to the vending machine of consumer groups have many limitations. Now more and more diversified consumer demand, just selling drinks, snacks is no way to meet the needs of the consumers, need to add more categories of goods! As a kind of new retail mode, the vending machine and line combination is indispensable, so for the development of cloud platform is indispensable, because by developing drinks vending machine cloud platform, to the situation of the vending machine at any time to master, not only be able to timely replenishment, maintenance, and operations can analyze the consumer demand, to provide more suitable for goods! If to these aspects are ready, the vending machine will continue to speed up the development speed, the market will be more and more popular, business constantly coming!
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