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Drink vending machines: There are 5 categories, each with its own characteristics

by:Haloo      2021-03-18
We all know that with the rise of the unmanned new retail economy in recent years, more and more vending machines have appeared in various places such as streets, factories, hospitals, schools, and stations. According to the products sold, it can be divided into beverage vending machines, food and snack vending machines, comprehensive product vending machines, automatic milk vending machines, lunch box fruit and vegetable machines, lipstick machines, lucky bag machines, and so on. Among them, because the beverage market is relatively stable all year round and the demand is also large, beverage vending machines have always played a major role in the unmanned retail industry. Next, we will briefly introduce the differences between various beverage vending machines. 1. Beverage vending machine with spring drawer type cargo lane This type of machine adopts a relatively mature spring spiral cargo lane, and its specifications are generally 67*80*470*4.5mm (67 represents the spring diameter of 67mm, 80 represents the pitch of 80mm , 470mm represents the total length, 4.5mm represents that the spring is made of steel wire with a diameter of 4.5mm), suitable for the sale of various 250-600ml bottled canned drinks commonly found on the market. The biggest advantage of this kind of cargo channel is that it has low manufacturing cost and low technical content, and there is no threshold. Many small and medium manufacturers can produce it. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious. Poor refrigeration and insulation leads to high power consumption, high jam rate leads to high later operating costs, low space utilization and less loading. 2. Beverage vending machines with sloped cargo lanes. The cargo lanes of this type of machine are slanted metal cavities. Drinks are placed in rows and shipped from below. This type of machine is relatively unpopular, rarely encountered, and basically in a situation of being eliminated. 3. Beverage vending machines with serpentine cargo lanes (S-shaped stacking cargo lanes) This type of vending machine is a high-end model, because there are currently no more than three manufacturers in the industry that can independently develop serpentine cargo lanes. The cargo lane is a zigzag metal cavity. Drinks are lined in one by one like a magazine. They enter from above and exit from below. There is an electromagnetic mechanism at the bottom of the outlet to control the shipment, and one bottle at a time is discharged. This type of cargo lane is difficult to design and process, high in process requirements, and relatively high in cost. However, the advantages are more prominent. It has many advantages such as durability and no jamming, high space utilization, good heat preservation, energy saving and power saving. It has become a beverage vending machine. The mainstream cargo aisle of cargo aircraft. 4. Beverage vending machines with in-line stacking cargo lanes. This type of machine is equivalent to straightening the snake-shaped cargo lane. The snake-shaped cargo lane is curved and the in-line stacking cargo lane is straight, compared to the snake-shaped cargo lane. The in-line stacked cargo lane can not only sell bottled canned drinks, but also drinks such as Tetra Pak bricks, and the scope of selling drinks has been further expanded. The in-line stacked cargo lane is also lower in design and processing requirements than the snake-shaped cargo lane, and the cost is also lower. Of course, the shortcomings are also obvious. The bottom beverage is under great pressure! 5. Smart vending cabinet type beverage vending machine This is the dark horse in the vending machine industry, which is equivalent to a combination of traditional refrigerators and vending machines. Artificial intelligence, big data and image and video recognition technology. The working method is very simple. Customers swipe their faces to open the door, take the drink and close the door. The machine judges which customer has taken which products according to the picture captured by the surveillance camera, and then automatically settles the settlement. This type of machine has a good shopping experience, but it does not have a cost-effective wind control solution. It consumes more power than snake-shaped cargo conveyor machines during cooling. Because of the relatively low cost, it is suitable for batch placement in unattended and unattended scenes such as store entrances and services. The lobby, next to the front desk, etc. At present, considering various factors such as operation and maintenance cost, failure rate, and service life, the beverage vending machine in the snake-shaped cargo lane is still the mainstream solution. Previous: What qualifications are required to launch vending machines? Next: What is the market prospect of unmanned intelligent vending machines when the new retail mode is opened?
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