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Drink bento is complete, fresh food vending machine specializes in office workers

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Office workers worry about what to eat at noon every day? New entrepreneurs develop fresh food vending machines, offering lunches, desserts, and beverages in famous stores. The main dishes are different every day, and they can be bought 24 hours a day. Cashless transactions and credit card withdrawals can quickly solve gluttonous needs. Cakes, drinks, and lunches can all be bought through vending machines. Office workers talked about it in front of the vending machine. A fresh food vending machine appeared in the commercial office in Neihu. Enter the mobile phone and choose to swipe or LINE to pay. Then you can open the refrigerator and select the food you want through the sensor. , Whatever is taken will be listed in the mobile phone details. Office workers are quite satisfied with this, and the dishes are different every day. Office worker Mr. Hu: 'I bought a box of cakes and fruit. It's okay, not bad. I buy it almost every day.' The main focus is to change tricks every day. Fresh food is delivered in the morning and restocked once in the afternoon. Some people call it a smart refrigerator. Popular drinks, famous store cakes, and even bento just bought in line can be provided throughout the day. Commercial offices in Neihu first introduced unmanned vending machines to solve the 'eating problem.' Office worker Miss Wang: 'When the weather is cold, when you are too lazy to run, this is another choice.' Chen Duoyuan, marketing manager of the vending machine company: 'Provide a solution for everyone, that is, we will bring a famous and delicious restaurant downstairs to your office.' Some supermarkets have also introduced self-occupied checkout systems to test consumer acceptance. Also smart are the smart vending machines introduced by supermarkets, which are testing the market response, but the acceptance of self-checkout has increased significantly. Ling Chengyou, Public Affairs Manager of Convenience Supermarket: 'At present, it has been observed that nearly 10% of consumers will actively try vending machines during peak hours of the flow of people.' The main focus is on cashless, smart retail layout that can save manpower, targeting students and office workers, upgrading unmanned vending machines and welcoming more business opportunities. The above information is shared by beverage vending machines. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Sake vending machines in the train waiting room help local liquor production
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