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Dongguan Oneida beverage vending machine prices, vending machine operators free delivery

by:Haloo      2021-03-22
As the weather is getting hotter, the sales of beverage products have shown a significant increase. As a vending machine operator, Dongguan Oneida has begun to notice the recent increase in demand for beverage vending machines. So currently, what beverage vending machines are available in Dongguan Oneida? For the specific price of beverage vending machines, here are a few more practical models. 1. Beverage/snacks vending machine model: Oneida comprehensive vending machine Comprehensive vending machine Comprehensive vending machine As shown above, the Oneida comprehensive vending machine can sell bottled, canned, boxed, and pre-packaged snacks. , Fruits and other common convenience foods. The product has a wide range of applications and high economic returns. Main features: ● Support Alipay, WeChat, banknote and coin payment functions. Coin change function. ● It can sell a variety of small foods and canned, bottled, boxed, bagged and other beverages that can be refrigerated at the same time. The product has a wide range of applications and high economic benefits. ● The microcomputer control system has management functions such as intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, and fault self-diagnosis. Optional functions: ● Customizable IC card payment, Alipay face-to-face payment, voice-activated payment, UnionPay QuickPass, financial IC payment, WeChat payment, QR code payment, APP shipment, mobile NFC payment. ● The surveillance camera can be customized, and GPRS anti-theft alarm system can be set, with functions such as remote monitoring, monitoring, alarm, shouting, and video recording. ● Various storage modes of'spring-type warehouse, track-type warehouse, hook-type warehouse and large-capacity warehouse' can be customized to facilitate the sale of various commodities. 2. Beverage vending machine Model: CT-36 Beverage vending machine, as a new upgraded version of the beverage vending machine, realizes large-capacity storage, reduces the number of replenishments by operators, and saves labor costs. In summary, with the increasing demand from operators, Dongguan Oneida vending machines are also constantly improving in terms of vending machines. The machines sold in addition provide one-year warranty and after-sales service. Tag:u0026nbspu0026nbspNancheng vending machineu0026nbspZhangmutou vending machineu0026nbspHuangjiang vending machine
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