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Dongguan food 24 hours no self-service vending machine for free on the cooperation

by:Haloo      2021-02-20
Dongguan food no self-help vending machine 24 hours free on the cooperation with the development of economic development, the development of technology, more and more the vending machines in schools, factories, subway station, hospitals and other venues, artificial intelligence technology of self-service terminal is each manufacturing industry development trend, retail nature is no exception. The vending machines available in the market there are many kinds of, have a drink vending machines, snack vending machine, fruits and vegetables a vending machine, dairy products vending machine, comprehensive product the vending machine. Although the vending machine had been for many years, but the improvement of the technical and sales market also is only in recent years. Vending machine can say today is full of intelligent vending machine, not only for money COINS and other cash settlement, will also be able to apply mobile WeChat, pay treasure to purse, baidu wallet, such as mobile payments, and even can use the unionpay card, employee card, bus card, etc, all kinds of credit card payment, remote real-time monitoring, and also can need not operation staff personal presence will be able to understand the vending machine operating data. Above all sorts of function not only greatly convenient for guys on the vending machine shopping goods, also convenient for businessmen to operate the vending machine. Dongguan intelligent technology co. , LTD, with independent core technology and the sustainable development capacity, provide a vending machine products, and demand for different customers design and provide the best products and professional segment of self-service retail solutions, these products and solutions for domestic and foreign, are widely used in school, high-speed rail, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, hospitals, and businesses and other places, self-service selling items covering food, drinks, stationery, books, toys, clothing and so on many fields, and implements the should currency, COINS, IC card, ID card only flash pay pay, mobile wallet, purse, unionpay, qr code and various payment and GPRS remote management and control system. Dongguan food 24 hours no self-service vending machine for free on the cooperation
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