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Dongguan Beverage Vending Machine|Guangdong【】|Beverage Vending Machine Price

by:Haloo      2021-04-19
Dongguan Beverage Vending Machine|Guangdong【】|Beverage Vending Machine Price: Dongguan Vending Machines, Guangdong Vending Machines, Vending Machine Manufacturers At present, the products sold by active vending machines are far more than these. In addition to traditional drinks, you can buy various snacks and daily necessities at Guangzhou Easy Point's active vending machines. Easy to point automatic vending machine, just click on it. A luxury automatic vending machine was installed in a hotel in Miami, Florida, USA. It not only sells DA brand clothing, beverage vending machine companies, and even 'Bentley' Yajun convertible cars and apartments for selection. This huge automatic vending machine is installed in the lobby of the Mondrian South Beach Hotel. Unlike traditional active vending machines, this 'semi-active' machine looks more like a white box filled with it. Many large and medium-sized cities in my country have become emerging markets for vending machines, and the future potential and development direction will surely attract the attention of relevant manufacturers. Although the introduction of this format in the past few years has not achieved the expected results, it has played a very important role in the cultivation of the market. At present, no matter from the perspective of people's perception and acceptance, or the experience accumulated in the market, the beverage vending machine factory should be a good time to enter China's vending machine industry. To this end, a new vending machine operation and service model has arrived. By building an intelligent automatic vending platform, traditional vending machines can now support multiple transaction payment modes, such as cash, bank cards, stored-value cards, cash cards, etc., and can achieve larger amounts of payment and transaction settlement, thereby enabling consumption The process is safer and more convenient. In China, with the development and maturity of the self-service industry, and the continuous rise of the urban civilization index, self-service products such as vending machines, mobile gas stations, filling beverage vending machines, milk vending machines, chewing gum vending machines, etc. will rise in a straight line Trends... 1. The machine has reasonable structure, reliable performance, complete functions, and convenient operation; 2. It uses liquefied gas heating, fast heating, low energy consumption, and low cost. The wall thickness of the pot body is more than 3mm, the service life is long, and the heating is even without burnt; the aluminum alloy conducts heat quickly, does not die, and does not paste the pot, the popcorn is big and full. 3. The pot has a large capacity, and a single pot can explode 3 taels of dried corn at a time; 4. The DC geared motor is used as a mixer (the meshing steel gear in the box is quenched at high temperature, and the wear resistance is high), and it does not generate heat during continuous operation; 5. Burst rate High, Dongguan beverage vending machine, more than 98%, does not stick to the pot when the pot is out, and does not stick; 6. Easy to control, 12V DC, no risk of electric shock. Stupid operation, people with no literacy can also learn in 3 minutes; 7. Fast speed, one pot in 2 to 3 minutes; 8. Double-layer flexible mixer, will not damage the machine due to corn jamming the mixer; 9. Single Single pot motor, double pot and dual motors, strong independence, no interference; 10. The pot cover is a single-opening type, and the pot cover has no handle, which is convenient to use and not hot. Wide field of vision, fast delivery speed, price of beverage vending machine, strong applicability; 11. When the pot is visceral, just pour half a bowl of water into the pot and gently rinse, easy to clean, high cleanliness, no holes in the pot , No oil leakage; 12. Stainless steel cart (optional accessory) can be equipped, suitable for mobile operation. 13. The single motor is only 5W, and the battery can be charged for several hours to several days at a time, with low loss. 14. The pot is deep, large, and easy to explode with dozens of flavors of popcorn. Beverage Vending Machine Company, Dongguan Beverage Vending Machine, Guangdong【】provided by Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Guangdong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. () provides customers with 'popcorn machines, adult self-service vending machines' and other services. The company has 'smart' and other brands. It focuses on commercial special equipment and other industries, and has a high reputation in Dongguan, Guangdong. Welcome to call us, the national unified service hotline: 400-6977-882.
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