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Does the shared fruit and vegetable store make money?

by:Haloo      2023-09-10
With the full popularity of mobile payment and changes in people's living habits, coupled with the impact of this year's epidemic, many companies have encountered unprecedented challenges. For the community fresh food industry, the shared fruit and vegetable store, a small retail format that occupies a smaller area than the traditional fresh store model and is more flexible and convenient, is showing a booming trend. Does the shared fruit and vegetable store make money? 1. What is a shared fruit and vegetable store? With the improvement of people's quality of life and the continuous upgrading of consumption patterns, Haloo Automation has developed a community fresh food unmanned vending device that integrates mobile payment, air-cooled intelligent control, and gravity recognition. Residents in the community can scan the QR code through WeChat and Alipay to open the cabinet door, open the door to select fresh products, and close the cabinet door to automatically settle the payment. For the middle-aged and elderly consumers in the community who are not very good at using WeChat, Haloo Automation has also developed a card-swiping shopping method. Just put the membership card close to the induction area of ​​the cabinet door, you can open the corresponding cabinet door, choose fruits and vegetables, and the payment will be made automatically when the door is closed. Smart and convenient. 2. What kind of community should the shared fruit and vegetable store be placed in? The first thing you need to ensure when opening a store is the flow of people. Therefore, try to choose a location with a high occupancy rate in a community. Fresh food supermarkets in the district and surrounding communities with fresh food stores, to avoid competition among peers and marketing sales. It should also be noted that the specific location of the shared fruit and vegetable store equipment should be selected in a location with a large flow of people, such as: near the gate, the central square, etc. Residents can pass by the shared fruit and vegetable store when they go home to purchase related fresh products. 3. Can shared fruit and vegetable stores make money? The fresh food market in China can be said to be very vast. Residents eat fresh fruits and vegetables for three meals a day. It can be said that fresh fruits and vegetables are the real commodities that are just in demand. Assuming that the shared fruit and vegetable store is opened in a community with 5,000 households, 30% of the residents come to the store to purchase every day, and the average consumption per person is 10 yuan, then the daily sales of the store is 15,000, plus various marketing activities , the sales will be higher. After a mature community operation model, multiple communities can be copied quickly, and the profit is still very good. Shared fruit and vegetable stores can be said to be a trendy project in recent years. As long as they operate with heart, it is impossible to say that they will not make money. If you want to engage in community fresh food business, you can consult Haloo Automation, and someone will answer it for you.
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