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Does the beverage vending machine make money?

by:Haloo      2021-07-11
Does the vending machine make money? How much money can a beverage vending machine make? Whether it is on the Internet or in specific work, you often encounter such problems. Frankly speaking, it is really difficult to respond to discussions on this topic. Let's make money. Some people say that your own product, Wang The mother-in-law sells melons by herself, but in fact some people are using vending machines to make money, and this is a long-term money-making project. The reason why vending machines make money Before talking about whether or not vending machines make money, let’s talk about the nature of making money when opening a store. Whether you make money or lose money in business, you use your annual income to subtract expenses. And vending machines often make money mainly because of the following reasons. First, the vending machine can help you save labor costs. Now, no matter what business you are doing, labor costs are a major expense. If you want to open a traditional small store that operates 24 hours a day, you have to allocate staff. To take turns working 24 hours a day, this labor cost is naturally high. As for the vending machine, if you install the equipment, place the goods, plug in the electricity, and ensure that the network is normal, he can earn money for you 24 hours a day, and save a lot of labor costs. Secondly, the vending machine can help you save rent. Traditional storage racks have a relatively low stocking rate in order to make it easier for customers to purchase. In the vending machine, customers only need to scan the QR code, or buy directly on the built-in screen of the vending machine. This saves you space on many levels. To open a traditional small store in an area of u200bu200bat least 10 square meters, the vending machine only needs 2, 3 square meters. If you put this in a commercial block, an area where rent is expensive, how much can it save you? Third, vending machines can help you sell more. Now in the Internet era, vending machines have a sound data collection and analysis function. Which products are selling well, in what time frame, and in what season, so that you can see clearly at a glance. You can adjust the products you sell based on your data and information anytime, anywhere, so that you can sell stronger and get a lot of money. From the above three points to explain the fact that vending machines make or not make money, let's take an example. Let's use the most common beverage vending machine to see how profitable the vending machine is. There are many types of beverage vending machines, but the most common one is the one with 60 channels, which can sell 60 bottles of drinks. Although the price of a bottle of beverage is relatively low, it is profitable and sales are very large. Take the mineral water that everyone is very familiar with. A 500ml bottle of pure water is generally sold for two yuan. In some tourist attractions or places where there are no vending machines and small shops around, it will sell for 2.5 bottles. Even a bottle of 4 yuan. But the specific cost of getting the goods is around 80 cents, even lower in some places. Other beverages are actually the same, so do you think the beverage vending machine makes money? If you choose a spot, a beverage vending machine can earn a lot more money in a month than the salary of work. Whether a beverage vending machine can make money is actually related to many factors such as the location, the products sold, and the way of operation. If you have enough interest in beverage vending machines, you can contact us anytime and anywhere-Dongguan Hanlu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Not only can you buy the most affordable beverage vending machines, we will also tell you the price of vending machines Business secrets, let you make big money easily.
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