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Do you want to join the shared fruit and vegetable shop?

by:Haloo      2023-09-11

Fruits and vegetables, as just-needed commodities in the daily life of the public, occupy a very important position in the retail industry. During the epidemic period, in order to meet the needs of residents, the community fresh food has expanded its scale, and the order volume has continued to increase. The epidemic has also forced the development model of the retail industry , Traditional offline operations can no longer survive in the Internet age for a long time. Only innovation and development can catch up with the pace of the times and earn income. How to use the shared fruit and vegetable store, is it possible? 1. Shopping method of Haloo Shared Fruit and Vegetable Store: 1. Haloo Shared Fruit and Vegetable Store supports WeChat and Alipay scanning QR code for contactless shopping: Consumers only need to use WeChat to scan the QR code on the door and hear the door lock click open Voice, you can open the door for shopping; when you pick up the product to choose, the price, weight and other information of the product will be displayed on the mobile phone synchronously; 2. Haloo Shared Fruit and Vegetable Store Swipe Membership Card Contactless Shopping: For elderly consumers who are not very good at paying with WeChat, the Shared Fruit and Vegetable Store launches self-service shopping by swiping membership cards. Consumers only need to put their membership cards close to the card-swiping sensing area of the shared fruit and vegetable store, tap the corresponding door number, and when they hear the sound of the door lock popping open, they can open the door to buy. After the purchase is completed, the payment will be automatically deducted when the door is closed. The mobile phone that binds the membership card will receive a settlement information reminder, which can list the shopping list in detail: what food the consumer bought, how much money was spent, and how much balance is left in the card, all at a glance. 2. How about the Haloo shared fruit and vegetable store? Haloo shared fruit and vegetable store headquarters, located in Guangdong. If you want to do community fresh food business, you can come to the headquarters to learn more about this project. The headquarters provides many different models, which can be combined in many ways, and can also be customized to adapt to the products you sell and meet the diversified needs of the market. If you need it, the headquarters also has corresponding operational policy support, and there will be corresponding supervisors to guide the store's opening, operation, and how to maintain it in the later period. A series of operational skills. Haloo Automation's shared fruit and vegetable store headquarters is powerful, with a research and development team of nearly 100 people, constantly innovating to meet market demand, and Haloo Automation is looking forward to cooperating with you.                                

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