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Do you regret investing in vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-03-05
I met many customers who didn't understand anything, so I asked, can the vending machine make money, and what to do at a loss? For this kind of customer, I directly suggest that he investigate whether the vending machine market combined with the placement location has the potential to be placed. Rather than directly asking the salesperson if they can make money, because there are many factors in making money. For example, many people make money by opening Taobao stores, but there are also many people who have lost a lot of money by opening Taobao stores. Can you say that Taobao doesn't make money? We can only say that the right time and place are indispensable. Many operators who invested in beverage vending machines regretted it because they were unable to make ends meet. Although vending machines started early, their development was relatively slow. Moreover, due to the empowerment of new retail, they have gradually been in the blank market in the past two years. There are many reasons for the failure of vending machine investment, but if you pass the new retail outlet due to a low-level mistake, you should regret it. Especially the mobile payment that WeChat Alipay is vigorously promoting, so that vending machines are also on this high-speed train. Is there any way to reduce the risk of loss? If you choose a good delivery plan, you can use vending machines to sell beverages and snacks in universities, factories, and hospitals. Generally, you can pay back in a few months, and you will only make a profit in the future. It mainly depends on the price of the machine you buy and the running rate. It’s not that selling other products doesn’t make money, it’s because other products are risky and it’s easy to lose money. The consumption of beverages and snacks in the market is very large, and the market is also very stable and risk-free. In addition, the places mentioned above are crowded and relatively closed with little competition, so they are very suitable for vending machines to sell goods. Choose a vending machine with an advertising screen as another channel for making money for the vending machine to place advertisements. In this information age, advertising and promotion resources are very scarce. As a vending machine that can sell drinks and advertise, it is very popular. It can not only sell drinks, but also make profits by advertising.
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