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Do you know the vending machine, the question is how to deal with

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
When the customer active vending machines in use at present the question, can reflect the dials the phone number of the reserved to the manufacturer. After customers to upload photos to verify status, the amount of customer consumption returned to them. But there are a number of problems with this approach, the first is that many customers don't want to bother, after stuck if you can't shoot a few machine it. Although they are not very care about this a little money, but is still to be owe good image, the initiative of the vending machine has a great influence, for the customer set up and down is not reliable, skills, immature heart image. Second, the active vending machine manufacturers and operators are difference. General situation, both by different people to operate, so after contact manufacturer, manufacturer and cannot be handled in a timely manner, demand manufacturer to contact operators, the whole process is very long, the customer's problems cannot be handled in time, will think active managers of vending machine, low power, practical ability is poor, is difficult to fundamentally eliminate the customer to take the initiative to stereotypes of vending machine. This ability is active vending machine under Internet skills to support, through the infrared to strict monitoring products exports. When customers pay a success, infrared is not detected products fall, will immediately return the consumption amount of customers. Have to say, when an improvement on the active vending machine is very large, active vending machine was successfully processed by the prick the hand problem. Already have Internet skills as a background, active vending machine introduced more functions, such as using mobile phones will be able to pay, let the consumer more convenient and convenient. Bottled drinks in vending machines, is very simple because the size is too long, the falling time not skewed perspective, abruptly in the vending machine. According to the characteristics of this kind of product, active vending machine introduced a snake aisle vending machine, drink after itself gravity whereabouts to complete the shipment. But the vending machine building cost will be more expensive than the average. Grid ark vending machine is a good shape to handle card goods, it will product independently in a cupboard, customers pay a success, cupboard door open, stretch hand to take out the goods directly. But it is relative to the supply of products, less a cabinet that into a product only. It is more suitable for small airtight space, hotel rooms vending machine for example, with ark of grid is to had not suited most.
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