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Do you know the vending machine on the ground to consider what factors?

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Do you know the vending machine on the ground to consider what factors? The vending machine factory do introduce for everybody! Shops investment value should be from the shops in the urban population structure, road traffic, operations team and future planning to comprehensive comparison, to determine the specific delivery location. 1, considering demographic whether new or second-hand shops, the main factor that determines the success or failure is the local consumers. In choosing a shop, therefore, must to local consumers buy ChengJinXing contrast. The import quantity is big, generally speaking, if the local population and for more consumption ability strong white-collar, economics common sense tells us that people's consumption level will be proportional to income, so the area will hold more merchandise stores at the end of the gao, prompting rising rents in a region. 2, taking into account the road and traffic road traffic level, decided to a great extent the number of people arrive. In general, the prosperous city center area, or a new community commercial 'nouveau riche', which has the characteristics of the transportation is convenient. Therefore both the new shop, and second-hand shops, if the traffic is not very ideal, also suggests that future growth will not be huge. , of course, it is important to note that it is not possible to select the shops near the fast road, although such shops have the characteristics of the high degree of the traffic is convenient, but people cannot be together, does not bring popularity. 3, consider the team single, single this kind of situation, generally should consider to put in the place not too far away, in the shop have a question or need loading convenient; If it is put in a certain area more, should consider the surrounding population, age composition, in particular, should be in 18 age composition 40 years old, the crowd positioning in college students and young people community, business hotel is relatively concentrated area. 4, after considering planning for regional planning prospects, should make a comprehensive comparison. Relatively stable areas of population quantity, the area in the process of upside apparently less than perfect. Still need to focus on the planning of the variance. Due to the current urban construction, frequently, plan adjustment, therefore which can lead to originally to downtown, because of the municipal construction suddenly changed the original appearance. Although this kind of situation, but once the hair to investors impact is bigger, so must be careful to be. Storefront location after 5, basic is determined, we should also consider surrounding security situation, and the night 8 PM to 2 am in the period of street traffic, generally know if this location is better! The above content is introduced here, want to know more information please continue to focus on this web site.
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