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Do you know the type of vending machine?

by:Haloo      2021-03-24
There are many types of modern auto vending machines. If they are divided according to the different products they sell, there are as many types as stars. So here, the editor will tell you about the classification of machines based on the different cargo routes of the devices:

①Snake-shaped beverage vending machine:?This is almost the first type of auto vending machine to appear on the market. The inside of this machine is like a snake-shaped winding with twists and turns. Hence the name 'Snake Machine'. This machine's advantage is that the device itself is very stable, and the probability of failure is minimal. The shortcomings are also evident. The winding cargo lane restricts it to only selling bottled/canned drinks.

②Spring channel auto vending machine:?This kind of vending machine is currently one of the most mainstream vending machines on the domestic market. Its cargo channel is a spiral spring channel, so it is called a spring channel. The advantage of this machine is that it can sell the bottled/canned drinks sold by the snake-shaped machine and instant noodles, biscuits, chocolates, and other snacks. The types of products sold are wealthy. But the disadvantage is that compared to the snake-shaped road, the spring road is more troublesome for operators to load goods, and the spring road is easier to get stuck when compared with the snake-shaped road.

③Crawler/baffles direct push lift auto vending machine: This kind of vending machine is one of the more commonly used vending machine goods lane categories in the domestic market's high-end auto vending machines. This kind of goods lane has a direct push and baffle. There are two types of caterpillar direct-push cargo lanes, and the delivery method is lifted and picked up. The advantages of this machine are obvious. It can sell most types of goods, whether it is snacks, beverages, pharmaceutical toys, etc.
Moreover, the lifting and lowering shipping method can ensure the integrity of the product. Even if the product is fragile, there is no need to worry about the possibility of product damage. And this model does not have any significant shortcomings.

④ Lattice cabinet auto vending machine:?This type of vending machine has been relatively niche before. Most of its application fields are used as auxiliary cabinets of the above-mentioned vending machines. This type of model has unexpectedly become popular this year, so there are more and more models of auto lattice cabinet-type vending machines with master control. The advantage of this type of device is that it can sell almost all commonly used commodities, and at most, it can sell things equivalent to household bottled water. The disadvantages are also apparent. One grid can only sell one product, so this model's number of products is generally far inferior to the above models.
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