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Do vending opportunities make money, vending machine manufacturers

by:Haloo      2022-03-16
Do vending opportunities make money, vending machine manufacturers Do vending opportunities make money? In hospitals, stations, theaters and other crowded places, we can often see a colorful vending machine standing aside. Put in a few coins or a note, choose an item, and with a bang underneath, a drink or something rolls out, full of fun. So, doing a vending opportunity won't make money? Moreover, the things sold in the vending machines are not expensive, they are similar to those sold in ordinary small shops, unlike those tourist attractions. This goes unnoticed. With the advancement of technology, vending machines are becoming more and more expensive, which represents a consumption trend. If tens of thousands of people pass by a machine every day, hundreds of businesses can be found in a day as long as one in 10 saves money to shop. So does it make money? Hospital vending machines are replenished every two or three days. A vending machine called the Talk Community sits in the aisle of the city's Maternal and Child Health Hospital. The operator is responsible for the replenishment and maintenance of the self-service vending machine. The operator is an employee of an enterprise in the city. Later, for some reason, I resigned. After listening to a friend introduce the vending machine industry, I went to learn about it, and then bought three vending machines. Vending machine Every time, when the operator opens the 'inner tank' of the self-service vending machine, there will always be people who come to watch curiously. Put a bottle of mineral water into the cargo aisle and check whether the coin slot is normal. Everything was handled properly, Master Xia turned off the machine, and the operator said that the business of this self-service vending machine in the emergency department is still good. On average, it is replenished once every two days, mainly to serve patients. No manual operation is required, all operations are electronic, and payment can also be made by WeChat or Alipay. According to the person in charge of the company: 'There are two modes of self-service vending machines. One is that the machine is provided by a certain beverage brand, and the products sold must be of the beverage brand; the other is that the machine is purchased from the manufacturer, and the products are not limited to brands. The self-service vending machines of commodity brands are relatively more flexible in operation. In addition to drinks, they can also sell biscuits, toys, etc. For example, in hospitals, they can sell antipyretic stickers, which are very popular with patients.” He said: “In today’s Internet In the era, payment is becoming more and more convenient and technology is more and more secure, self-service vending machines represent a consumption trend and occupy a large part of the new retail market!'
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