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Do vending machines make money? Which vending machine is more profitable?

by:Haloo      2021-07-24
Do vending machines make money? Which vending machine is more profitable? Hello everyone, do you all know about vending machines? I will explain it in detail for you. Do vending machines make money? Which vending machine is more profitable? Whether vending machines make money or not depends on a number of comprehensive factors. One of the most important points is the location. Generally speaking, fast-moving consumer goods make more money. The so-called fast-moving consumer goods refer to snacks and beverages. In snack and beverage vending machines, beverages are sold more, accounting for about 23%. Especially in summer, refrigerated beverage vending machines are very popular in the market. The vending machine was born to sell fast-moving consumer goods to facilitate people's lives. Only the unmanned way of selling fast-moving products has an advantage. Therefore, most of the successful cases of operating vending machines are selling popular fast-moving consumer goods, such as common snacks and beverages. Although this type of product is not profitable, the market consumes a lot. You can buy it every day, drink it every day, and eat it every day. , It is much better to do than other durable goods. Compared with the faster return on cost, the daily sales data is still okay. If you want to invest less, you can give priority to the snack and beverage integrated machine if you want to return on the cost. If you have the conditions, you can have some customized items, such as ice cream machine, coffee machine , Smart Micromarket and so on. Vending machines are no longer new. As a self-service retail terminal, its point distribution is flexible, and it can penetrate into corridors, subway stations and other difficult-to-access spaces to meet instant convenience and random consumption needs, and it does not require manpower on duty. It can be open 24 hours a day. Unique channel value. Japan is the country with the most developed vending machine business. According to data from the Japan Vending Machine Industry Association, in 2016, there were 4.94 million vending machines in Japan, about one for every 26 people, and sales of about 293 billion yuan equivalent to RMB. Among them, conventional beverage vending machines accounted for only half, and other types of vending machines sold commodities including cigarettes, magazines, umbrellas, stockings, etc., from daily groceries to electronic products, almost everything. In addition, Japanese vending machines are not limited to indoor spaces, but are also densely distributed in outdoor streets. With the increasing maturity of the market and technology, in addition to the intelligent trend, the future vending machine will present a more diversified form, covering more consumer categories, and expanding to self-service. As for the main operating entity, brand chambers of commerce, mainly beverage vendors, take part in it, using vending machines as their own retail channels, or entrusting operators to manage them to reduce channel costs. How much do you know about today's content? For more information about vending machines, please follow our official website haloo-vending.com
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