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Do intelligent automatic vending machine cling to the development of the society change

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Modern era characteristics of young people is very prominent, more knowledge of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial foundation is better, pervasive thinking. In addition, the education background, financial support and social environment are more diverse, people to the young entrepreneurs containing higher various forms of entrepreneurial projects being approved, entrepreneurs have ferity and ardor is very afraid of failure. Found that science and technology, focusing on high-tech industry entrepreneurs more, 3 d technology, intelligence has become the new key words, 'Internet + deeply, the influence of traditional industry + Internet, many people no longer do some do intelligent automatic vending machine, cling to the development of the society change. Automation is the development trend of the future, both manufacturing, services and retail. We will see more equipment to replace artificial, under such a big trend, vending machine industry has a bright prospect. The vending machine is the common use of the commercial automation equipment, it is not restricted by time and place, can save manpower, convenient trading, is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, also called mini supermarket open 24 hours a day. From the conditions of supply, vending machine can supplement the shortage of human resources fully, to adapt to the consumption environment and the change of consumption pattern, the vending system can be more easily, 24 hours a day operations require less capital, the area is small, have a curiosity to attract people to buy their own performance, is a good way to solve the problem of artificial cost rise, and other advantages. From the developing trend of the vending machine, it is because the labor-intensive to technology-intensive industry structure the product of social transformation. Mass production, mass consumption and consumption mode and the change of marketing environment, demands a new circulation channels; But relative to the supermarket, the generation of new circulation channels such as department store shopping center, Labour cost is rising; Combined with the limitation of the site and these factors such as the convenience of shopping vending machine, as a kind of machine must then arises at the historic moment. The rise of the vending machine with multiple factors, the most fundamental factor is that they can bring a better shopping experience for consumers. Traditional offline consumption scenario, after waiting for a cashier each scan of many goods, will cause 'congestion. The vending machine because the self-service, such as automatic settlement process of choose and buy, greatly shorten the shopping time, namely take the walk, is very convenient.
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