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Discusses what convenient after-sales machine automatically bring us

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
If you are a tourist attraction is tired and thirsty, do you want to be great to give me a bottle of mineral water or a bottle of drink. At that point, you can see the machine - a mystery Drinks vending machine. You can pay out his phone and scan the code, you can get what you want, is not very convenient. The emergence of drinks vending machine brought convenience for everyone's life. Place all sorts of drinks on the plane to work, this is equivalent to create with X-ray Y axis coordinate system, each system corresponds to a - The coordinate values. After the buyer's investment money, drinks vending machines will record with the input type that corresponds to the X-ray The value of the y coordinate system. There is a robot in the vending machine, it according to the X-ray Y coordinate system in the given value corresponding short mobile, and locate the coordinates of drinks required. A bottle of drink pop up to the robot, and then the robot will drink. The vending machine has integrated circuit, single chip microcomputer, for example, the integrated circuit can control the whole process of auto sales, including identification of currency, identify types of beverages and determine the X-ray The y coordinate. Vending products more and more appear in people's life and working environment, provide convenience for everyone's life and work.
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