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Discuss the role of the vending machine and the development in the future

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Hotel vending machine, you can buy the goods, this is incredible things had never think of. In addition, we also can through the Internet monitoring hotel vending machine sales, and accurate monitoring and distribution of goods. This is our convenient smart hotel vending machine. Can do advertising, at present, many Internet companies use the Internet information systems in public places ( The university station, for example, BRT, railway station, etc. ) Install multiple displays. Smart hotel vending machine there is a blank space, the top has some advertising, because this can place advertising is to sell goods and, further enriches the informatization market: a screen and two purposes. O2O platform is a online product and the combination of the Internet, the Internet become offline trading platform. Hotel vending machine by O2O deals, and through the hotel vending machine online to purchase goods on the screen choose the goods you need. O2O in avoid many problems and save a lot of cost to be very effective. Channels, for example, development costs, operating costs, etc. , because its O2O operations based on its own supply chain.
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