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Details of the vending machine is introduced, and the working process

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Vending machine is let's now very common a vending machine, only need we payment can pickup mouth took out from it we want, there are a lot of friend must be its operation principle is to see what kind of, now the author come to we introduce the principle of the vending machine operation process. The traditional intelligent vending machine: in notes or COINS and money to identify to identify the device. Pick, pick button, vending machine program based on product pricing to add and subtract cash accounting. Shipment, if the amount of input a lack of will have prompt, if amount meet direct shipment. Waiting for customer further operations, such as to buy other things change, choose sales results of time according to the actual accounting initiative change COINS, shopping is gone. Intelligent automatic vending machine: choose goods, vending machine program can suggest to the backend server receiving request qr code ( WeChat, pay treasure or other electronic pay) Manifest, qr code directly in the vending machine on the screen. Customers scan code, backend server will query credit account is not received the money, if received, backend server will be announced to the vending machine instructions of shipment, shipment vending machine according to the instruction. Principle of intelligent vending machine function, also is messy, and some don't need payment on the basis of the input code can also shipment to pick up the goods, the principle is customer input delivery code maybe lottery ticket code, vending machine to send the code to pick up the goods to the background server, a backend server to verify code to pick up the goods, and send the corresponding shipping instructions to the vending machine, vending machine based on instructions from the corresponding products.
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