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Design - the vending machine Vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-02-16
Ark of vending machine design a body double, single price, both high economic benefits and special function. Aisle on the basis of a patented technology, strong, beautiful design, meet the acme depth of utilization; Can support the multi-type aisle joint configuration, including commodity exhibition goods. Panoramic depth structure impact grade vending machine design machine sku number can reach 70, commodity place number can reach 800, the whole machine 60% more capacity than the same volume vending machine, big big open utility and sales turnover rate; Panoramic goods display window, if the palm, commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, agitation unlimited bought buy consciousness. Cent store display gold matching points store display vending machine design technology and green tea, green tea and 70% to 20% technical commodity structure gold probability, not only rich consumers shopping demand, at the same time bring green tea vending machine operators for new profit opportunities. Shopping cart technology, living standards a new impact grade vending machine design can buy many kinds of goods bought, support double tank and delivery, 24 hour phone code selection, buying and selling, short control, monitoring and easy, can assign Internet communication technology, intelligent connection, cargo, atmosphere for the guests, feel full impact grade living standards. Current keywords to: general manager office no one sweep vending machine code container on a sale: vending - factory house Vending machine
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