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Design - the vending machine Use of mobile payment process

by:Haloo      2021-02-11
Vending machine design has the function of mobile payment for things, the best machine diversity have satellite communication function, and efficiency operation related payment transaction resource agent manufacturers. Vending machine design the mainboard of satellite communications function promotion machine must have a mobile payment function, main control board needs editorial function. Consumers follow Saul yards after purchase, to sales to turn power network payment for vending machine designed for the goods. Motherboard requires editorial functions. The vending machine design editorial generally adopts the wireless network ( Solid line high cost and complicated) 。 It introduced recommended for everybody easy le mobile payment vending machine design motherboard. Vending machine design cloud operating vending machine design main board have a editorial function, also install the best cloud of neat, can win the mobile payment. Vending machine design sales follows the cloud neat behind the scenes to handle the vending machine design. However, including set up sales by the alias, wholesale price, image, etc. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Professional manufacturer general agent payment clinch a deal maker does not have resource requirements. And the development of the cloud system also had better follow the network side, the agent payment structure of business resources, clinch a deal. Then, can be summed up from the table business resources by the phone manufacturer, taobao these payment immediately to clinch a deal for sales. The current key words is: the ministry of foreign trade of vegetables vending machine a vending machine: adult - vending machine Pay using the communication process
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