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Design - the vending machine By using the method of mobile payment

by:Haloo      2021-02-10
Vending machine design hold mobile payment business ability and the work, are in urgent need of accessories automation for satellite communication ability and power, the efficiency of the management system related to the balance payment amount of distributor agencies. Vending machine design of satellite communication ability and power of the motherboard of network machine must have a mobile payment ability and the work, the main control board needs to have the media ability and work. Visitors to the stores according to sweep the code to send money, need to transfer the Internet payment behavior of the vending machine design product. Network motherboard requires media ability and work. The vending machine design media are almost entirely on the wireless network ( This high and not convenient cable) 。 Here for friends push yi le mobile payment vending machine design network motherboard. Vending machine design cloud payment management system of vending machine design network motherboard hold media ability and after work, also need to wear cloud payment standard, can have a mobile payment. The vending machine design stores pay specification in accordance with the clouds behind to responsible for the vending machine design. However structure store name, need to spend how many money, graphic. 。 。 。 。 。 。 Reasonable distributor payment institutions about developers and if not the balance amount required. So make cloud payment system still have to need according to the network segment interface, on distributors beautify the sale amount of the balance of payment. , from can note the amount in the pictures are simply by the QQ, what pay treasure payment institution for store inventory. Current keywords for: office building CNC bending machine a toy vending machine: - vending machine price The principle of payment application communication
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