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Design room vending machine you must be aware of these details

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The hotel is the hotel - add income approach Supply of paid products can let guests to enjoy the homes more art work in the hotel. But most of the customers of hotel supplies there is doubt on product quality, performance, its products be put on the use of room space is not abundant, appears a little messy room vending machine to Perfect the lifting of these disadvantages. Also played a maintenance, to ensure the safety of the products, the effect of the appeal of the vending machine to supply customers in the use of guest room supplies consumption, also did not look back and don't have to worry about a house back for the examination items of dilemma. Vending machine rooms attach more importance to personalized, intention is in order to attract guests attention, causing unplanned consumption. Little secret room is more like a vending machine room, supply in people daily life difficult sex toys sold, in order to construct a suitable atmosphere, vending machine rooms up and down the great pains in appearance. First in order to make room vending machine are exposed to the client under the horizon, TV ark is near a good location selection, this orientation so that customers can see at a glance, and allow customers linger on the interval. But due to the guest room vending machine adds the lamp, the lamp although played a building atmosphere effect, but also affected the rest of the clients. If the lamp can intelligent control, it is convenient for this problem is solved. So vending machine in the planning of guest room should be thoughtful, the products do intelligent, humane. Vending machine rooms scale should set up an induction lamp system, active lights up when a customer was close, to attract the attention of effect; When customers away from the scale, the initiative. Another kind of method can be according to the guest room so the strength of the light to regulate the strength of the light itself, such as the customer enters the room opened the lights, vending machine rooms with open the lamp, when light subsided, guest room vending machine can take the initiative to subside. Room lights vending machine of this kind of planning, let the customer experience better rest shaoguang, also can show itself with the existence of surplus, but also the corresponding drop in capital. Lights planning to a small part of guest room vending machine, but it is what makes it have more advantages than our products. Guest room vending machine on the interval, the lamp on the problem resolved, on the pay should also adapt to the habits of the customer. Choose pay phone sweep code can save customers have no cash on me, don't have to repeat to identify the notes and change. Use of Internet skills, can online communication channels, end customer to review the product may be more specific, didn't pay the difficulties, the customer can directly to the end product consumption demand, don't have to go out into the real business super shopping, add rooms enjoy moments. When customer needs are satisfied, together and enjoy the hotel's intelligence service, back to nature is needless to say. Guest room of the vending machine is s new product, now for new things to satisfy people's curiosity, it let the hotel called gravity has soared.
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