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Description of the actual value of smart vending machines and introduction of market position

by:Haloo      2022-01-15
Everyone should be familiar with vending machines. Under the influence of the concept of intelligent life, traditional vending machines have also changed. Today I will talk to you about the related topics of smart vending machines. Smart vending machine is a new type of smart device. What impact does the emergence of smart vending machines have on the retail industry? Let's take a closer look at the actual value description and market position of the smart vending machine.  Smart vending machines promote the upgrade of the Internet of Things  In today’s world, the vending industry is undergoing a revolution. Access to data generated by connected devices has changed the way companies operate and how they generate revenue. Continuous connection allows companies to provide customers with product utility as a service, as seen in vending machines. Through user customization, improved security, smart payment and continuous monitoring of inventory and consumption patterns.  Vending machines have the opportunity to distribute new products in a more profitable way, and the network of connected devices is unlimited. Traditional vending machines have evolved because they were first introduced nearly a century ago, and technologies that include more digital functions have transformed them into smart, connected machines. Smart vending machines are an example of how the Internet of Things affects business models and revenue streams.   For example, Coca-Cola has 16 million IP addresses, which are used for the installation of a new generation of smart vending machines, such as DIY. Powering the machine through a network connection can identify each machine, track inventory, conduct real-time test marketing, monitor trends and drinking preferences, and adjust choices accordingly. Freestyle machines can be found in fast food restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom.   Another major player in the SAP technology industry has been developing various platforms and solutions for wireless and wired machines. SAP's smart vending solution enables brands to interact with customers by accessing real-time management dashboards and visualization tools, displaying timely sales and maintenance information across the entire network and at each point of sale.   With this new change in vending machines, companies can use new technology to not only provide snacks to build a brand new retail center. Smart vending machines can now be located in many public areas and company facilities, providing a large number of goods and services, including computer accessories, tickets, catering and office supplies. If you don't take advantage of the growing IoT market, traditional vending machine owners will quickly get into trouble.   Traditional vending machine owners face several problems. For example, in the absence of a central management system to perform these functions, they suffer considerable expense and inconvenience when trying to maintain, repair, and upgrade vending machines. Maintenance and support costs have increased because on-site visits are often required to perform software upgrades, troubleshoot and complete repairs.   In addition, when the vending machine is not working, revenue is lost, which makes the situation worse because it takes several days to implement and solve the problem. Another problem is the ability to attract the attention of young customers, who often focus on smartphones and rely on an always-connected environment. To attract this group, manufacturers like Pepsi-Cola are developing their own highly intelligent vending machines, and other industries are following suit.  The significance of the emergence of smart vending machines  With the popularization of the mobile Internet, the integration of the Internet and the Internet of Things has opened a new era of personal consumption, and smart life is getting closer and closer to us. The Internet of Things is built on the basis of the Internet and covers everything in the world. It is closely related to people's daily life. With just a mobile phone, any consumption such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. can be realized anytime, anywhere.  The vending machine is equipped with the Internet, and the consumption through WeChat using mobile phones is a great innovation. At the 2013 China Internet Conference, about the Internet vending machine appeared in three days, and sold more than 10,000 bottles of drinks. At present, more than 12,000 units have been put into operation in Shenzhen and other places, and the concept of smart vending machines has truly become a super salesperson who never leaves work.  From the Internet to the Internet of Things, it is another revolution in the information field. As an innovative application of the Internet of Things, the significance of the smart vending machine is:   One is a disruptive innovation to the O2O model. The operation model about is a typical O2O (Online To Offline), traditional O2O is to attract customers online and provide offline services, and about from offline to online, user identification is clearer and marketing is more precise than traditional O2O. Therefore, it is more sticky to users.   The second is a breakthrough innovation to traditional retail. Traditional retail relies on shopping malls, supermarkets and canteens. Due to the limitations of space and venues, smart vending machines are supermarkets without waiters, allowing more people to enjoy self-service vending services in unlimited spaces, such as boxed lunches, ice cream, cola, and movie tickets. , Airline tickets, payment of utility bills... Payment and consumption can be completed by scanning the mobile phone.   The third is a revolutionary innovation to e-commerce. The intelligent vending machine uses 3G communication, Internet, and multimedia application technologies to build a new e-commerce distribution platform. By building a zero-distance network with users, it reduces logistics costs and breaks through the 100m e-commerce bottleneck. If the Internet has changed the way people live and work, then the Internet of Things introduces people into the era of individual consumption. Smart vending machines have opened up the channel between the Internet and the Internet of Things, and will completely change the traditional retail and e-commerce operating models, no matter if it is It has very important value for suppliers, service providers, and consumers.
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