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Customize the vending machine Vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-02-17
Custom vending machine conjoined twin cabinet, the cost of the monomer, give attention to both high performance-to-price ratio and the authority function. Using a bomb technology, powerful aisle decoration, space utilization realize perfect; Aisle can support many model, build a fancy, including exhibition goods classification. Comprehensive spatial capacity impact grade custom vending machine the whole mechanical SKU number will have 40, highest goods put several top there will be 800, the whole machine capacity more than with the size of area of no more than 50% of supermarket, substantial increase operation effect and sales; All goods list window, easy to understand, goods are colorful, agitation infinite acquisition way of life. Points listed store gold matching points listed store vending machine fruits and green tea, green tea with 60% and 40% fruit goods set gold probability, not only abundant consumer's shopping intention, not only to the green tea at the same time there is no supermarket operator bring new profit opportunities. Shopping cart technology new consumption impact grade custom vending machine time to purchasing a lot of goods, support double tank another shipment, mobile code selection, payment, 24 hours operation, ranged damage monitoring is convenient, can assign a cell phone store technology, mechanization commissure to guests, cargo, scene, consumption experience careful blunt level. Current keywords for: test department without screen vending machine doll vending machine on an article: suction powder machine - Vending machine
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