Create a public welfare image, crane department store vending machines distribute gifts for free

by:Haloo      2021-03-07
Taiwan’s first gift vending machine manufacturer recently hosted more than 100 junior high school and elementary school children from the South Tainan Family Support Center and held a free experience on Shennong Street, Central West District, Tainan City. Crane Department Store CEO Chen Hewen hopes to use the charity event on Halloween , Make the society more warm. The Crane Department Store, which started in Tainan three years ago, blew a whirlwind of gift vending machines in Taiwan. In an instant, this type of vending machine was installed all over Taiwan. The industry started to cooperate with the South Tainan Family Support last year. Shennong Street holds free experience activities, so that family-supported children can also enjoy the pleasure of taking gifts for free. In this charity event, students from South Taiwan University of Science and Technology played a guided game on Shennong Street to make the event more lively. The children lined up to experience the operation of the gift machine and laughed from ear to ear when they received various novel gifts for free. Crane Department Store took advantage of Halloween to entertain children from the South Tainan Family Support Center to experience coin-operated gifts. The Chief Executive Officer of Crane Department Store Chen Hewen said that Crane Department Store is the first gift vending machine introduced from Japan to Taiwan in 2016. The company builds a public image and hopes to bring happiness and happiness to everyone. Stores in Shennong Street also responded to this charity event. Some clothing store owners donated part of the proceeds to the Family Support Center, and 'Sen Nong Bu0026B' sponsored drinks, making the atmosphere more lively. The above information is shared by unmanned vending machines. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Health food vending machines set up by American colleges and universities will be suspended during lunch hours
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