Convenience stores occupy vantage point is very important, use community vending machines might be a good method

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Now there's still a lot of vacancy in many parts of the convenience store market, there are a lot of opportunities, this is investment convenience stores need to consider one of the important factors. At this stage is to give priority to in order to preempt the offline market share, of course this is no conflict and integration of online. Many projects are now experimenting with no technology, like smart container, the vending machine and so on. Although technology and formats will play a role, but the effect is not decisive, the core or grab market share, and this is now the development of the convenience store market phase. In the convenience store market of domestic, the beauty should be better is the only national brand, a beauty should also have a lot of city did not enter, we can find many areas are still several convenience stores in the competition for the market. Although now is in the area for the stage, but how to break the local limit has always been a lot of convenience store operators consider problem, a regional war is likely to be in a few years time will be over. Want to the expansion of the area need to improve the ability of team because convenience store this pattern in the process of expanding needs a whole set of supply chain system. When the pattern of regional market stability, will expand to the nation, this time the way mainly divided into two, one is around the core city stores, the second is that use the method of capital mergers and acquisitions, but the market, several cities could have cost the immeasurable. In addition to good position when there is a good choice, it is community vending machines. Vending machine has strong flexibility, than convenience stores need to decorate a lot less work, installation, equipment, etc.
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