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Condom vending machines in what place will be profitable

by:Haloo      2020-11-14
Best selling condom vending machines in what place? 1, peripheral install sale of machine in colleges and universities. Found in the installation of surrounding sell condom machine selling condom is far greater than the number of other public places. Basically near Dong Yuanchao said the school is the place that students frequent activities, migrant workers and other citizens is relatively small, which fully shows the phenomenon of students sex is relatively common, large demand for condoms. 2, Mr. Sun from Taiwan, often go abroad because business relations. He felt a condom automatic machine are common in foreign developed countries, it is the symbol of urban civilization and progress. In Germany, the Netherlands, Japan and Thailand 'condom vending machines are located in toilet, the place such as supermarket, YanTan even filling station, demanders can be easily and quickly to buy it, so very popular. 3, a crisscrossed, once Mr Guo told reporters in France, Paris, is where a lot of shops, but mostly concentrated in a certain block in ordinary street, you can't see, including the vending machine, also can't hang on the street. Such as in the wonderful avenue, if appear a sex shop or hang a few sets of machine, it is hard to imagine things, Europe and the United States also generally the case with the developed countries. Condom sexual supplies ads are also at some fixed time fixed columns in the broadcast. Travel countries, Mr Guo also found an interesting phenomenon, in the economic and cultural developed country, things are not related to sexuality people think it is make public, instead it is the less developed economies, the smell of sex in every corner. He felt that this is a kind of economic and cultural development to a certain degree of breeding performance, this should be personal privacy in sex thing too good, not civilization, but the people themselves of a don't respect. The above views for your reference
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