Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the spring cargo lane and the crawler cargo lane used by the comprehensive product self-service vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-09-07
We all know that integrated commodity self-service vending machines using spring cargo lanes and crawler cargo lanes are more common. Snacks and beverages and daily small commodities can be sold. Next, let's analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages of these two cargo lanes. Advantages of spring cargo: 1. Low cost, simple processing, low technical threshold, not only produced by several well-known large factories in the industry, but also produced and assembled by many unknown small manufacturers and hand-crafted workshops. 2. It is more versatile. Drinks, snacks, daily necessities, and various small commodities can be sold in a variety of common packaging forms (including but not limited to packaging in bottles, boxes, bags, etc.), as long as the size of the product and the space of the spring pitch are comparable match. Therefore, the self-service vending machine of the spring cargo lane is also called a comprehensive merchandise vending machine. 3. Modular design, simple maintenance, no need for too professional skills, ordinary people can see it. Disadvantages: 1. The cargo rate is high. Once the cargo gets stuck, the customer's shopping experience is poor, and the operator has high labor costs. 2. The form of large glass showcase has poor heat preservation and high power consumption when it is opened for refrigeration (this is the common shortcoming of all self-service vending machines in the form of showcases). 3. The space utilization rate is low, which is determined by the type of goods contained in the cargo lane, and there are too many gaps between the goods and cannot be improved. The self-service vending machine of Spring Goods Road has low technical threshold and low cost, and is currently one of the main models on the market. The track cargo lane is an extension of the spring cargo lane. Generally speaking, the integrated merchandise vending machine cargo lane of the spring/track cargo lane can be changed between the spring and the crawler at will. The tracked cargo lane has a relatively narrow range of use, and is suitable for selling short bottled and boxed goods (such as boxed lunches and fruit trays with elevators). The goods are placed on the track without the risk of dumping. Crawler cargo lanes are only used in special situations, otherwise spring cargo lanes are generally used. In terms of service life, the service life of the crawler cargo way is lower than that of the spring cargo way. In the actual application of the self-service vending machine, the spring cargo lane and the crawler cargo lane can be mixed to adapt to different products.
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