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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of various cargo lanes of vending machines

by:Haloo      2022-04-05
There are many kinds of vending machines, including beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, fruit and vegetable vending machines, dairy vending machines, general merchandise vending machines, etc. Modern vending machines can be said to be smart vending machines. They not only support cash payments such as banknotes and coins, but also mobile payments such as WeChat, Alipay, Baidu Wallet, and even UnionPay cards, employee cards, student cards and other card payments. , In addition, it can also be monitored remotely, and the operation data of the vending machine can be clearly understood without the need for operators to come to the scene in person. It not only greatly facilitates everyone to buy things on the vending machine, but also facilitates the operation of the vending machine of the merchant. Although there are many types of vending machines and full functions, they use these kinds of cargo lanes, such as the common spring spiral cargo lanes, crawler cargo lanes, high-precision S-shaped stacked cargo lanes, and clustered lattice cabinets. . Below I will briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these cargo lanes, and how to choose a suitable cargo lane when operating a vending machine. 1. Spring spiral cargo channel The spring spiral cargo channel appeared on the vending machine relatively early. This cargo channel has the characteristics of simple structure and various types of goods that can be sold. It can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities. Bottled drinks can also be sold. Advantages: low cost, many types of goods that can be sold, including snacks and beverages. Disadvantages: Selling bottled beverages is easy to jam, and replenishment is troublesome. It is necessary to pull out the goods aisle and carefully place the products one by one. Poor placement will increase the rate of jams. 2. Tracked Cargo Track The tracked cargo track can be said to be an extension of the spring cargo track. It has many restrictions and is suitable for selling products with fixed packaging and not easy to fall. Advantages: It can sell a variety of products that can stand firm, such as short canned drinks, short boxed snacks, and lunch boxes. Disadvantages: Commodities that cannot stand firmly cannot be sold (as long as one commodity falls, it will collapse the entire cargo aisle like a domino), replenishment is troublesome, you need to pull out the cargo aisle and carefully place the commodities one by one, delaying time. 3. S-shaped stacking cargo channel S-shaped stacking cargo channel (also called snake-shaped cargo channel) is a special cargo channel specially developed for beverage vending machines, which can sell various bottled and canned beverages (canned eight-treasure porridge is also available) , Beverages are piled up layer by layer in the goods to the inside, rely on their own gravity to slide down and ship, and the goods will not be jammed, and the delivery port is controlled by an electromagnetic mechanism. Advantages: Beverages are stacked layer by layer, with high space utilization and large capacity. There are many types of beverages that can be sold. The shipping method determines that it is not easy to jam the goods. The leather is durable and has a long life. The replenishment is simple. Fast and low operating costs. Disadvantages: complex structure, difficult design and processing, high requirements and high manufacturing cost. 4. Multi-door lattice cabinets Multi-door lattice cabinets are a cluster of lattice cabinets. Each lattice has a separate door and control mechanism. Each lattice can hold one commodity or a set of commodities. Advantages: It can sell all kinds of goods (unpackaged, unfixed shape, relatively large size, complete package combination, etc.), simple construction and low manufacturing cost. Disadvantages: The number of goods accommodated is small, and the space utilization rate is low. There are only these kinds of cargo lanes in vending machines. Each cargo lane has its shortcomings and advantages. We have to choose the vending machine with the corresponding cargo lane according to the goods we sell. If it is selling beverages, choose a beverage machine with an S-shaped stacking cargo channel. If it is selling snacks, choose a snack vending machine with a spring spiral cargo channel or a crawler cargo channel. If it is a complex shape or some packages, the lattice cabinet Just a good choice.
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