Combined with artificial intelligence after the vending machine will be more and more clever!

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
Said a revolutionary technological innovation, many people immediately think of might is mobile phone, and won't think of a vending machine, the following is to introduce the vending machine technology might be surprised everybody! The vending machine was born to now already has a history of more than one hundred years, experienced a significant update iteration. Now, artificial intelligence, mobile payment, such as machine learning new trend is changing traditional vending machine appearance, new vending machines can let consumers timely access to high quality goods! For the vending machine of artificial intelligence mean? Actually there is a high and low points of artificial intelligence, know how to give consumers the right equipment feedback is the basis of artificial intelligence, but ai much more than this. New type of intelligent vending machine can interact, and the user mobile phone to record their consumer preferences, and even able to model special orders, according to the requirements of the user of this type of vending machine joined the machine learning algorithm, put forward the proposal for consumers! Such as Coca-Cola's forthcoming intelligent automatic vending machine in the United States, the new equipment to connect the cloud, allowing users through social networks, fingerprints or iris scans login, to provide users with all kinds of product information, more suggest its behavior record!
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