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Coke vending machine for multiple category commodity combination advantage!

by:Haloo      2021-02-03
Vending machine operators become more and more professional now, many operators start according to the target consumer demand, the collocation of goods of the vending machine combined, and the collocation of this kind of collocation is not only a drink, or a combination of snacks, but the consumer shopping data analysis, find the location of the characteristics of consumers, and then choose goods to meet the needs of the consumers. Such as this one scene in the office, through the data found that a lot of people like to eat sushi, and operators will be to sell these goods in vending machines. So it is not hard to find, now sales patterns have changed, what used to be a businessman, consumer is what, and now is what consumers need, provide what merchants. The shift is a certain threshold, of course, because first of all to understand what consumers need, we can find the right goods. More difficult is the automatic vending machine to meet the needs of various consumers, so that it need to modify coke vending machine, is how to make the goods way to accommodate different types of goods, and can be adjusted at any time! Now many vending machines have been able to realize the flexible adjustment of aisle, is already can adjust according to the demands of consumers goods. The realization of this link, enables the consumer to buy different combinations in a smart vending machine category, such as raw vending machine can buy a big lunch. And for brands or distributors, to reduce the cost at the same time also can ping effect to improve!
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