Choose unmanned vending machine manufacturers from these aspects

by:Haloo      2021-03-04
Most people have a superficial understanding of unmanned vending machines, and can't distinguish various beverage machines and snack machines such as lattice cabinets, spring machines, crawlers, snake machines, and fresh vending machines. Need to buy the right products, it takes a certain amount of time to understand. After we have determined the products we want to sell, such as beverages, then we only check the beverage unmanned vending machines (spring machines, which can sell beverages and snacks, comprehensive and practical). Then, we will first search for manufacturers of spring unmanned vending machines on the Internet to get a preliminary understanding. After that, we need to have a more targeted understanding. 1. Prices are more important to all newcomers, and the prices of machines from different manufacturers are different. But if you only pay attention to the price, you will suffer. Let's take one of them (the service life of the machine). Manufacturer A, the price is 10,000 yuan a unit, manufacturer B, the price is 13,000 yuan. The price difference between the two machines is 3,000 yuan. This amount is quite considerable. Many people will choose the 10,000 yuan machine of manufacturer A, but they didn’t tell you that the machine of manufacturer A can only be used for 5 years, but the machine of manufacturer B can Use for 10 years. So when we are buying unmanned vending machines, we cannot just look at the price. 2. Look at the quality and workmanship of the machine. (1) The thickness of the sheet metal, the thickness of the sheet metal determines whether it is resistant to collision and anti-theft. (2) The insulation layer of the machine is the low-priced insulation board (poor quality, poor insulation performance, and high electricity bills during operation), or the overall liquid foaming technology (the same insulation material as household refrigerators, and the insulation effect Good, energy-saving in operation), but also need to pay attention to the thickness of his insulation layer (it is related to the quality of the insulation effect) (3) The failure rate of the machine is reflected in the control system and the drive motor. (This one needs to go to the manufacturer for on-site understanding) (4) The brand of refrigerators, good refrigerators are imported refrigerators (such as Slovenia’s Secop, Brazil’s Embraco), which are all Environmentally friendly refrigeration type R134a fluorine-free refrigerant, energy saving in colleges and universities. (5) In the cash register system, in addition to WeChat and Alipay, banknotes and coins are needed in some places. The industry-recognized good ones are the ITL banknotes imported from the UK, and the MEI coin dispensers imported from Mexico or the NRI imported from Germany. Coin machine... If you are buying multiple unmanned vending machines, you can visit the manufacturer directly.
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