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Chongqing global hotel use robots and vending machine service customers!

by:Haloo      2021-01-21
In the order in the room, the robot will door-to-door delivery. At the hotel front desk after check in, the robot will lead the way; These once the film scene began to enter into our daily life activities. In a few days ago, chongqing yangjiaping middle berth remit global hotel ushered in the hotel service robot! The first container mall robot with hotel in chongqing, the scene of the guests feel technology brings great changes. Only need to scan the qr code, can quickly into the service interface, which has detailed the use of the strategy, the service included in the hotel all kinds of articles for daily use. And it can improve the service efficiency of the hotel hotel robot is tender, let staff from simple repetition and a waste of time to work liberated! In addition, the hotel service robots and the inside of the hotel the vending machine get through, can at any time will remove products from the vending machine sent to the guest in the room, still can help the guest in the elevator lead the guest room, and also be able to more different requirements to make intelligent conversation, quick to provide accurate room service. After a lot of customers into the hotel, found that the hotel robot, started to just think is very novel. But after using robot is more use than imagination, let robot lead, has become the habit of a lot of hotel guests. Some guest use robots to gifts, some guest use robots to accompany children to play with, some guests let robot in the vending machine to buy all kinds of goods. In addition, the hotel robot sending goods will also be able to protect the privacy of the client, to deepen the customer's impression of the hotel, and improve the hotel reputation!
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