Can vending machines only sell drinks?

by:Haloo      2021-03-13
Can vending machines only sell drinks? Guangdong unmanned vending machines are a brand-new form of commercial retail, which developed from Japan, Europe and the United States in the 1970s. It is also known as a 24-hour micro supermarket. In Japan, 70% of canned drinks are sold through vending machines. The world-renowned beverage company Coca-Cola has 500,000 beverage vending machines all over the world. The development of vending machines in Japan is unquestionable, but Japanese vending machines have a special phenomenon: most vending machines are beverage machines. Of course, the fate of this kind of 'beverage machine' is not the wishes of Japanese vending machine manufacturers. But beverage companies have natural supply chains and product pricing advantages, and they have slowly changed from channel operators to professional services. Years of evolution, Japan’s vending machine terminals are concentrated in the hands of large beverage companies. China started late in this regard. It was only in 1994 that vending machines were introduced for the first time. However, due to different payment habits, coin-type traditional vending machines did not panic in the Chinese market. It was not until the popularization of mobile payments that the domestic vending machine industry welcomed them. Spring is here. Can domestic manufacturers avoid the fate of Japan's 'vending machineu003dbeverage machine'? This is actually the inevitable fate of traditional vending machines under the traditional model: the number of SKUs that can be carried by the machine is small, but in the actual scenario, the most frequent purchase by customers is beverages. In order to improve the efficiency of the goods distribution and supply chain, the merchants will focus on the selection of products after a period of time. For a small number of beverage products, this is the inevitable result of the 28th principle. Of course, there are some snack vending machines, but the proportion is still too small. In China, vending machines will become a potentially huge industry. After department stores and supermarkets, the third retail revolution will be launched, and its prospects are very broad. The products sold can be customized according to the needs of the place, not only hot and cold beverages, but also snacks, phone cards, and imported specialty products. Moreover, through this intelligent vending system, inventory, sales, and logistics information can be accurately and timely fed back to customers and management personnel. In addition, it also supports a variety of transaction payment modes, while facilitating large amounts of payment and transaction settlement. The above knowledge is introduced here, so if you master the above knowledge of Guangdong vending machine, then you will understand it better, and at the same time it will be easier to use. If you have anything you don’t understand, welcome to come! Previous: Know that making intelligent vending machines is closely related to the development and change of society Next: What problems should be paid attention to when operating vending machines
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