Can vending machines be put on the market in large quantities?

by:Haloo      2021-03-22
Of course, vending machines can be invested heavily. It's like opening a chain store. If your position is right! Making money is no problem, do you say you can invest a lot? Large investment means you make more money.   If you want to make money, as I said earlier, the vending machine itself is equivalent to opening a chain store, so you have to consider where you invest! Location is very important. A good seat can earn thousands of dollars a day, and a bad seat can’t even earn electricity bills!    Placement:    Where the vending machine is located, the walking distance will be considered first, but it is definitely an area where walking distance is not emerging. There are many pedestrians passing through the vending machine that may lead to the purchase of goods.   is followed by subway stations, high-speed railway stations, railway stations, and bus stations. Wait for the traffic zone, because people pass by in these areas every day. The daily profit is also high.  There are also squares, hotels, beaches, parking lots, shopping centers, and various areas with a lot of people. If someone flows, a transaction will occur.   Finally, I will introduce the shortcomings and solutions of the vending machine!    1. The product of the vending machine is too single. It's not good if you buy that kind of feature.   2. The construction price of the vending machine is very high, and I want to restore it as soon as possible, so the price of the product will lose the user with the price of the ordinary commissary (the solution in this area can only depend on you, everyone has their own ideas).   3. The machine is not flexible and cannot be moved at any time, and the goods are often out of stock. not flexible. This is a problem with the machine itself. This requires scientific development. For out-of-stock, the time should be determined according to the sales volume of the vending machine.   4. The machine swallows money at any time, does not ship, ship more, or spit out more outrageous money. Leave your mobile phone number, and the vending machine has video, so you should arrange to check the situation at any time.
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